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Children Will Be Admitted To Different Classes According To Prescribed Age Group And Holding Of Achievement Tests, In English, Hindi, Maths And Science.

Normally Children Of Two Years And Six Months To Three Years Are Admitted In Pre-Nursery / Nursery-I And Three Years And Six Months To Four Years In Nursery II.

Parents/Guardians Are Required To Fill Up The Prescribed Application Forms, Available In The School Office, From March 1st.

In Case Of Late Admission, Fees Chargeable From The Beginning Of The First Term Ought To Be Deposited.

Three Recent Passport Size Photographs Of The Student For Identity Card, Admission Form Etc Will Be Required To Be Furnished.

All The Supporting Documents As Required In The Admission Form, Must Be Submitted Along With The Form.



Students must bring home work diary every day.

They must bring appropriate tiff in and water bottle, having their names etc. labeled on them.

Name, class, section and medium must invariably be written on the bag, books, copies and other belongings.

Students must be regular and punctual in attending the school and complete their assignment daily.

No student will be allowed to leave school premises without obtaining permission of the Principal.

Students will be solely responsible for safe custody of their books and belongings, and the school authorities
will not be responsible in the event of their loss.

Students returning to school after suffering from infectious diseases must produce medical certificate from
a registered qualified doctor.

Students must attend the school daily with text books and note books according to the time-table.

Students must put on neat and clean prescribed dress, properly ironed and p [shed shoes and look smart.

They must use dust-bins and keep the class rooms and premises tidy and clean.

They must not write on the walls and spoil the furniture by scratching or carving.

Only the books and note books are to be brought as per syllabus / time table. Other newspapers, cell phones etc. are not allowed.

Students must not loiter recklessly and are prohibited to visit the staff-room without permission.

Presenting gifts to the teachers and inviting them to functions require prior permission of the Principal.

Individual problems will be sympathetically considered but collective complaints cannot be entertained.

Guardians or relatives are strictly prohibited to interview the teachers or their wards within the school premises or in the
class without the permission of the Principal.

Ninety percent attendance is compulsory for every student during the academic session.

As per the CBSE Rules no student shall be eligible to take the Board Examination unless he/she has completed 75% of attendance
counted from the opening of class IX/X/X1/X11upto the first of the month preceding the month in which that Examination commence in the subject of “Internal
Assessment”, Guardians and Parents of the student of Class X/Xll are to note this
rule for their compliance.

Every student is required to have an identity card containing his! her particulars.

Promotions are granted on the basis of satisfactory work during the whole session.

Late arrivals, absence without leave, negligence in doing class and home work; paying no attention to studies in the class
are seriously viewed as these are tantamount to misconduct and dereliction of duty. Strict action will be taken against the habitual defaulters. Late
corners or absenta.es will not be allowed to enter the class without the permission of the Principal.

General Assembly is an integral part of the school day with prayer to God and listening to the important announcements.
Every student must attend the Assembly in time.

Class work and home work is given every day. Guardians are requested to ensure that the’ work is completed in time. They
must sign the home-work diary each day invariably.


Academic year is divided in two terms. There will be unit tests between the two terms.

The terminal examination date sheet shall be made known well before time.

Examination shall not be preponed or postponed for individual students. Examinations
missed will not be conducted again on any account.

No leave other than the medical leave is sanctioned during the tests. Application for medical
leave should be duly supported by a medical certificate from a registered M.B.B.S. doctor.

Medical certificate should be submitted well in time to make appropriate entries in the school record.

Any other lave availed will not be taken into consideration in determining the promotion.

Using of unfair means during an examination is liable to deterrent punishment.

Promotion Rules

Pass Marks In Each Subject Is 40%.

Promotion To The Next Class Is Based On The Annual Aggregate Which Must Be 60%.

190 – 100  A+
280 – 89A
370 – 79  B+
460 – 69B
550 – 59C
633 – 49D
700 – 32E

Students of the classes LKG, UKG, I & ll will genera ly be promoted. However, exceptionally weak students may be detained.

Students of classes III to V must pass in four compulsory subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics and Science and one of the subjects
Social Science and Sanskrit and also obtain 60% of the annual aggregate.

Students of the classes VI, VII & VIII must pass in English, Mathematics, Science and Hindi and one of the subjects Sanskrit
and Social Science (Civics, History, Geography and Economics). A pass is req6ired in Sanskrit in class VIII for being eligible in the certificate
examination. An average of 60% of the aggregate shall be required for promotion.

Students of the classes IX and XI must pass in all the subjects. In case of Science subject, they must pass in theory angl-pc, ical separately.

The school es not undertake to retain answer-scripts for more than a month after the reports are given.

Internal re-checks, totalling of the marks etc. will be completed by a scheme of standardization before 40 reports are given out. Hence as a
general rule, no answer-scripts will be shown to parents.

In case of any complaint of injustice the same can be brought to the notice of the Principal and she / he at her! his sOte discretion may
have the answer scripts re-checked.

Promotion once refused will not be considered. In no case shall a student be promoted on trial.

A student failing in two successive years may not continue in the same class for the third time.„Such student will have to be withdrawn
from the school.

A student who has not appeared for all the test papers and has not completed all the two terminal examinations of the academic year
either due to medical leave or leave taken at own risk, will not be considered for rank in the class.


Our Benefits

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Activity Rooms
Special Education
Music Programs
Happy Environment
Dance Class
Foreign Languages

Happy Parents say


‘My daughter..  has always been very happy and loves  going to school. The staff I have had contact with have always been very friendly and helpful both in the school and the office.. I can clearly see that she is progressing and learning which is testimony to how the staff interacts with the children’

Pooja Singh, Mother

‘I am really pleased at her progress and how it is recognised by the teachers. She is  really happy at school, and is always buzzing when she comes home about what she has done that day. It’s lovely to  see her being creative, writing,  and understanding what she has learnt – thank you!’

Radha Mishra, Mother

‘We are quite astonished at how we have seen our son’s confidence grow during his time at KINS.. We feel he has really flourished under the guidance of all of his teachers.. We cannot praise you all highly enough for the positive environment and culture you have created.. that will benefit him for the rest of his life’

Sandhya Chaudhary, Mother

Today when I look back at the day when SHIVAM first went to SRPS, it seems that Time has flew away & nothing has changed by yet the fact is that things have changed a lot for good reasons & this is all b’coz of you, You have help my son to gain his self confidence lacking in so many kids today.

Jitendra Singh, Father

A big thanks to SRPS. We are very much satisfied with the school which includes conceptual learning methods. Your methods of introducing a topic to the children are excellent. Classrooms are like laboratory where they do not study only but experiment with various subjects.At SRPS, they are not producing parrots, but children with good understanding, right attitude, confidence, and right perspective

M.L Singh, Father